Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Window Boxes

Last weekend we swapped out the geraniums in our window boxes with mums, kale and ivy for fall. I can barely keep anything alive.... so this is a whole new venture for me. I brought a Better Homes and Gardens image to The Gardeners Center and Florist in Darien and someone assisted me in what to arrange. Since they are on the second story they don't have quite the impact I was going for but I will know for next time (2 white liners per window).

Lexi insisted on helping... I thought we were over the eating dirt phase but apparently not. At least it was organic... ?

Daddy's little helper! She was throwing dirt into the boxes while I supervised.

Exactly 3 years ago I was in Paris and stopped to admire this little flower shop in Saint Germain. If only I could recreate this!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Bathtime: Birth to 18 Months

Alright... I'm in mommy blogger mode and the topic is bathtime. In general with baby stuff I try not to go overboard with products and get what we need plus whatever will make life easier. Here are the products she's used over the past 18 (wow!) months.

To start, I had the Angelcare Bath Support on my kitchen counter for sponge baths. After a couple weeks I transitioned this into the big tub and used the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge from Amazon on top, a $7 rec from Smidge of This, until she was about 3 months. I also used the sponge directly in the sink when we traveled.

At around 5-6 months we ditched the Angelcare support and went right into the tub. At this point I wish I had bought the Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub. I really didn't want to get another thing... and to be honest I don't even remember what made me break down and order it. Anyway, it is great because you don't have to wait to fill up the entire bathtub and it's easy to travel with. Eventually she started climbing out of it but it was good while it lasted.

For toys, I've always loved the Elegant Baby Squirties. We have gone through a couple sets because they do start to grow mold inside (gross, I know) so I have replaced. We also have some foam stickers and other toys that I have picked up at Home Goods.

Now we're getting into the "do I really need this" territory. Cute towels are a registry must, and you're bound to get one as a gift anyway. The Pottery Barn towels are adorable and make for great pictures, ha! Now we just use a regular large plush towel, but I miss when she was tiny in her little bunny towel. Moving on...I was nervous that Lexi would hit her head on the metal spout so started with the Skip Hop Moby Spout Cover. This lead to getting the matching Toy Organizer ... because once we didn't use the support and duck tub there was no where to put everything. Finally, yes you can use a cup to rinse but I caved and got this and it does make it easier with the curved lip.

The first products I used for Lexi were from Beautycounter because I knew I could trust that there were no unwanted ingredients. Without a doubt, my favorite was the Baby Soothing Oil and I used this on Lexi for the first couple months after every bath. Since she had eczema, our doctor suggested Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief instead. I tried a few other brands but ended up coming back to this one because I actually see a difference with regular use as opposed to some of the natural ones. The Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel  is a 2-1 and it seems like a bottle lasts forever. A little goes a long way and I continue to use the Baby Buddy's Natural Bath Sponge (replace as needed). Finally, the California Baby Calming Bubble Bath has been my favorite natural brand we've tried to date. I love the lavender scent.

I can thank my friends that are expecting for finally inspiring me to get this post up. There has been a lot of registry talk lately. I know it's overwhelming with all of the products out there but hopefully this helps narrow some of it down.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Missing Summer

Wow... I have so much to catch up on here! Remember summer? I was going through photos on my phone and this is one of my favorites from July 4th. This Apolis tote is sold exclusively at the Slate and Salte boutiques in Edgartown. Each bag is handcrafted by a women's co-op in Bangladesh before being finished in California. The lining is waterproof. I love this Meri Beau Coup version available online.

August was a crazy month for me. I traveled for work, fun and also moved. In the midst of traveling and settling into our new home, I landed in the hospital with Toxic Shock Syndrome that developed from an infection (most likely my cuticle that was inflamed after a manicure). I started feeling sick while we were in California for a wedding and I really don't know how I made it through the flight home. We were supposed to head straight to the Cape for a week long vacation and I was devastated that we didn't get to go. The good news is I am fully recovered. 

Anyway... here are a few snaps from the summer before I go into booties and pumpkin spice mode. 

Other moms can probably relate to this... I generally refrain from buying Lexi clothes in advance because I'm afraid they will be out of season before they fit. Well this dress was too big but I still wanted a picture of her in it, ha. We changed right after because the straps were falling off.

Every time I would have Lexi try on her Beaufort Bonnet at home she would tear it off. I even resorted to wearing it around to set the example. Thankfully she was so busy at the beach she forgot she even had it on her head. 

Sunglasses: Perverse. My Suit: Nanette Lepore (here and here). Lexi's Suit: Target (only $6 now).

This was my suit of the summer. 

Watching Dada mow the lawn. She always wants to be outside! We are right by a school and have been spending lots of time on the playground.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Meet & Shop at Athleta Greenwich

Tank, Leggings: Athleta (c/o). Sneakers: Nike (similar). 

Local readers... come shop with me at Athleta Greenwich this Friday from 5:30-7:00PM to receive a 25% discount off your purchase (RSVP here). This sale only happens twice a year! I'm so excited to be a part of it. I will help you pick out the perfect outfit for cross training, barre, yoga... chasing toddlers... you name it. I'm also curious what classes and studios you are visiting in our area, I love switching up my routine.

I was so excited to see these striped leggings in the store. No joke, I beelined right for them. I had a similar maternity pair from sister company Old Navy and to be honest they were the one maternity thing I miss wearing. I am partial to tops with a built-in bra... you have to check out the side detail on this one.

Sunglasses: Perverse. Wrap: Athleta (c/o). On Lexi - Sweater, Leggings: Gap. Socks: Old Navy (these are my favorite!).  Bow: Etsy: Shoes: Target.

Want to sit on this bench, Lexi? Sure, for 5 seconds now get me down. I love that this cardigan has thumb-holes! This is my typical look going from a workout class in the morning to running errands with Lexi.

Stroller: UppaBaby

"Up me.. up me... up me" .... my left arm gets a constant workout. This is the typical scene when we're on the Ave.

A few of my favorites. 90% of my workout wear is black or gray because it makes it easier to coordinate.

If you aren't in the area, call your local store to see if they have anything planned. Athleta Greenwich has a lineup that includes a Yoga Sculpt Class with Amanda Morgan of Healthy Wifestyle - wish I was going to be in town for it!

Thanks to my friend Allie Otto Photo for taking a few snaps!
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