Monday, May 4, 2020

Scenes from the Weekend

Finally... the sun came out in Connecticut after a rainy and cloudy week. On Sunday we worked on our planters and window boxes. Last fall we replanted the center boxwood shrubs into the backyard and dug them up to use again. (Obviously by "we" I mean Ted.) No excuse this spring not to water them daily in the morning, since we are both home. Hoping the ivy and petunias grow and cascade out of the boxes.

I think this was the only few minutes that Chase sat still all weekend. Glad I have a shot of him in these sunglasses before they inevitably go missing. 

Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren (old ~ check out Poshmark and eBay for similar styles). 
Headband: Bari Lynn (sold locally at Egg). 
Gardening Gloves & Tools: Little Pals

Moments before Chase was covered in dirt. Ted told me to get used to it.... ha. 

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