Thursday, May 23, 2019

Pure Bioderm

Let's talk products! One of the topics I've covered on Vineyard Loveknots since the start, over 8 years ago, is clean beauty. I have been using Pure Bioderm Antioxidant Super Serum and B5 Hydrating Serum since December... I'm hooked on both and am happy to share that they are CLEAN! They were developed by dermatologists Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson and Dr. Rhonda Klein of Modern Dermatology of Connecticut in Westport. I've been a patient of Dr. Robinson for a few years - read more here.

B5 Hydrating Serum $30
Antioxidant Super Serum $59
Use code PUREMD15 for 15% through May 31 on Amazon (one time use)

My daily routine, both morning and evening always includes a cleanser, both serums, and moisturizer. A few bases to cover... they are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty free and made in the USA. There are no synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, silicone, phthalates, formaldehyde, or GMO ingredients.

Most importantly, they contain the key ingredients that you have probably heard buzz about. The B5 Hydrating Serum contains hyaluronic acid, a must for your anti-aging routine. It's made my skin feel plump and smooth. One of my best friends that happens to be a chemist in the beauty industry described hyaluronic acid as a huge caterpillar - each leg attracts a molecule of water and the chain drags all that water into your skin. The Antioxidant Super Serum is packed with a blend of ingredients including Vitamin C that will reduce appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Both are safe during pregnancy and nursing.

Coupled with laser treatments I've been receiving I have noticed reduced redness and brighter looking skin. I have to note that when compared with other products containing similar key ingredients you'll appreciate the price point.

I've even given the B5 Serum as a gift to my girlfriends since it's great for all skin types - Amazon Prime Delivery to the rescue!

Use code PUREMD15 for 15% through May 31 on Amazon (one time use)

Review in partnership with Pure Bioderm. All opinions are my own.

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