Monday, October 26, 2020

My Favorite Hair Products 2020

No one asked, but here they are. My top hair care products... many tried and true that I have been using for YEARS!

For my fellow "blondes" - I use this shampoo once a week to keep my color bright and cut any brassiness - I have tried several purple shampoos and this has been the most effective. The downside is that it is very drying.... so on the days I use this I will leave my conditioner in longer and make sure I let my hair air dry as long as I can before using any heat. Whenever I stop using it, there is a notable difference when I'm due for color. (This was recommended to me by Erin Coyle - balayage extraordinaire and owner of Hair Canvas in Milford, CT.)

Honestly I don't know how I lived without this. If I could only have one hair tool, this is it.  I try to let my hair air dry for as long as possible - I don't recommend using it on really wet hair (a tip that several people shared with me on IG). I also use it when my hair needs a refresh after a non-washing day, and it brings it back to life. My only complaint is that it does get really hot - so I will take a break occasionally and use my Dyson dryer, which I find the least damaging of all dryers. It's just more work because I have to use a round brush, etc. Jump down to #10 for more!

Before I discovered the Revlon tool, I would use these curlers to add volume and smooth out my hair. I still occasionally use these when my hair is feeling flat, or I'm taking a break from the Revlon dryer. I've been using rollers since I was little, thanks to my mom. 

4. Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo & Conditioner
Worth. The. Spluge. I have several favorites when it comes to shampoo and conditioners, and often rotate, but will always come back to this set. I love how Oribe products smell... my bff is a fragrance chemist and got me unexpectedly got me hooked on the perfume.

If I'm not using #8, it's this. 

I have been using this spray forever (college) before my straightener..  way too many years to count because it was a favorite of my longtime stylist, Nicole Marie Salon in Southbury, CT. Love how it smells too. I can typically find it at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. 

I have a few favorite dry shampoos... but if I could only choose one it would be this.

I've been using a teeny tiny amount of this before blow drying...  I can't believe how it's almost transformed my hair. Just give me all of the Olaplex products, please!

Noted they are ridiculously expensive and I really want a full size someday.... this is a test to see if Ted ever reads my posts. They say these last forever, though! The boar bristles keep your hair smooth and shiny. Always in my bag... 10+ years and counting. (PS - Wait for Anthro to have a 20% off sale to purchase this one...)

After using my friend's on a trip, I was hooked. I couldn't not get it. Sometimes I wish I never even tried it, ha. You can save by purchasing a refurbished one (12 month warranty) from an authorized dealer.  I would love to hear from anyone that has tried the Dyson Styler and how it compares to the Revlon tool.

Minimal creasing in my experience. 

OG. Notably missing from this list was my straightener, I had to go back and add it. I have been Chi loyalist since college. I have a dual voltage so that I can travel internationally with it anywhere (remember those days...).

Lastly... I forgot to number the cheap clips. I have tried some fancy ones, but nothing beats a basic butterfly clip  IMO!

Mask: Lele Sadoughi. Sweatshirt: Dudley Stephens.
Fresh blonde from Nicole Marie Salon in Southbury, CT. #nofilter

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