Friday, November 10, 2017

Gift Guide: Favorite toys for 12-18 months

My roundup skews girl for obvious reasons... but hope you might find this helpful for your little one or gifts while shopping for the holiday season. I had started this a couple months back and am happy to finally share it with you. Lexi is now 19 months and these have been her favorites. Of course nothing beats a ball, bucket or rocks. She started playing with several of these before she turned a year old, but I would say she has gotten the most use out of them in the last 6 months. 

1. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home $89.90
We have the previous version of this house and she loves it! A friend suggested it to me, and I can't thank her enough. She did advise me that the older version is better (it has a blue door) and has more functions... so if you can get your hands on it try to find it! I set up alerts on Facebook and Craigslist and lucked out finding one in perfect condition with all the parts and manual. I would have bought this one otherwise. She's been playing with it since she was about 9-10 months.

2. The Black Dog Barking Puppy $12.00
This stuffed animal is the perfect size for little hands and barks with the push of a button. Had to include something from the Vineyard :) It's also easy to throw in your diaper bag on the go.

3. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sis' Smart Stages Purse $19.99
One of the toys that was easy to pack for trips and also played with in the car.

4. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set $26.99
According to Ted I didn't buy this one soon enough. Lexi is on her way to the LPGA...

5. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker $15.79
If you are a TJ Maxx/Marshalls shopper be on the lookout for it along with this hammering toy. I love these wooden toys.

Note: Recommended age is older... I was afraid she would hurt herself with the base so unless I was sitting with her would just let her play with the pieces until I was confident she could handle it.

6. Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins Lambie 7" $11.95
Lexi's "Baby".... you can't pick their favorite toy and turns out this is THE ONE. (I will be honest I was pushing the Jellycat and Boo stuffed animals...) She fell in love with Baby at daycare on the first day in her new classroom this fall (claimed her, all the other classmates bring Baby to her upon arrival) so I got one for home. I have ended up ordering an extra just in case, which was a relief when Baby was left in my car while I was at the gym and Ted was on bedtime duty.  Just like the dog, Lambie is the perfect size.

7. Land of Nod Tower of Babble Stacking Blocks $25.00
We have a similar set from Pottery Barn Kids (with more simple designs) but don't see available online now. I was able to find them in store recently. They are not only fun to stack up, but place toys underneath and play different games.

8. Corolle Calin Charming Pastel Baby Doll $33.96
Since we already have a "Baby" this is "Dolly". She has a soft body and not too large for Lexi to carry. I also got this accessory set to go along with her. When Lexi is older we will get into the American Girl Bitty Baby world...

9. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tablet $14.99
We leave this toy in the car.

10. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike $74.45
We just bought this recently, in the meantime borrowed from friends. It is convertible so can be used for years to come. It also comes in pink.

11. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set $19.99
Lexi is constantly trying to grab my makeup and brushes when I get ready in the morning so now she has her own set and we get ready together :) This was suggested by Pure Joy Home on her Instagram stories... her daughter is a little older than Lexi. A couple other bloggers that have helpful toy ideas are Smidge of This and Home of Malones. Would love to know who else you turn to for toy tips!

Note: The recommended age for this toy is older due to some of the smaller parts. I removed the cap from the lipstick and did put one of the pieces aside until she was better about putting things in her mouth.

12. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tea Set $16.83
The teapot has a British accent... what more do you need to know.

13. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crayons $6.99
"I'm a crayon watch me scribble scribble" .... one of the more annoying toys but has gotten a lot of use. I'm devastated that the yellow crayon has gone missing after bringing this on a trip. I don't know if I'm the only one but I get so sad when toys disappear! I've watched Toy Story too many times.

14. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks $7.88
Classic shape sorter.

15. Melissa & Doug Large Shapes Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle $16.99
I have found several of these puzzles at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. This is my favorite because of the knobs. She also enjoyed playing with the shapes from this one. Most recently she is into the animal sound puzzles like this one... but please be warned that they randomly will make sounds when the pieces aren't in place and DO NOT travel in the car with them. I made the mistake of packing it up and heard animal sounds the entire ride.

Lexi tested and approved. The proof is in the pictures :)

Would love to know your favorite suggestions for 18-24 months!

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