Monday, October 8, 2018

Baby Age Blocks Collage

Today marks Chase's 1 month milestone - we had our very quick photoshoot this morning. I recently got around to ordering a collage of Lexi's monthly photos. I wanted the photos to live somewhere other than Instagram. I found this art print from Minted to make it easy! No hassle of printing the photos and I love that the template is square since most of mine were taken in that format for Instagram . I ordered an 8x10 (print only) and have it framed on her bookshelf next to her blocks.

I opted to do different text than the template and centered her full name in cursive. Another option would be adding birthday.

Hat: Kissy Kissy. Onesie: Target. Blocks: Etsy. Blanket: Pottery Barn.

Blue version in progress! I will be using this blanket for most of the photos, similar to Lexi's. Several of her photos were taken over the summer and I would pack this blanket and the blocks while traveling. Crazy, I know.

Inspect Image = Ctrl + Shift + I

Google Developer Tools = Sources Tab > top >

This would also make a great gift for someone if they have posted these photos online. You can lookup how to save Instagram photos from the web to your computer through Chrome Developer Tools as I did in the example above. It's possible there is an easier way (through an app)... but this is what I know. I would keep your print on the smaller side since the resolution will be low on the photos.

Have you done anything offline for your age milestone photos? Would love to hear more!


Blue and White Monday: Ginger Jar Tote

This tote has my name all over it... literally! You can order this Crab & Cleek ginger jar tote personalized with a bamboo style monogram from Monogram Mary (Style 14 in Navy/Pastel Blue). Chinoiserie chic!

This was such a popular design that it sold out and was brought back a couple months ago. You can order it directly from the company in 2 different sizes.

I also love how the monogram looks in pink... I was torn on what color to get. I am happy that I stumbled upon Kelly's Instagram feed - @blueandwhitepeonies - she is a must follow for blue and white lovers! 


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day Two

Robe: LAKE. Lexi's Dress: CPC Childrenswear. Chase's Hat: Kissy Kissy. Elephant Swaddle: Little Unicorn. Striped Blanket: Pottery Barn Kids. Monogram Blanket: Little Giraffe (Personalized by Monogram Mary).

What (I Wished) Was in my Hospital Bag

What was in your hospital bag? This is a question I talk about a lot with moms-to-be. My list is pretty basic... I didn't want to haul too much with me.

Hospital bag (based on 2 night stay)
For Me:
2 Robes - I opted to just wear a robe but you might prefer pajamas. Accessible top is necessary if you'll be nursing. I had a nice one from LAKE to wear for pictures and another from Target to wear initially. 
2 Nursing Bras - You will shockingly still look pregnant so might not want to try to squeeze into a tight nursing tank at this time... just saying. I like these for lounging and sleep.
Toiletries/makeup - LIP BALM! I left mine in the car on the way to the hospital for Lexi and Ted couldn't find it. 
Going home outfit - Something looser than you think you need! I have screwed this up both times. I ended up wearing Ted's t-shirt home. 
Slippers or no slip socks - I just wore hospital socks because I threw out my slippers and didn’t order a new pair in time. 
6’ iPhone charger - You will be texting, taking photos and Googling everything newborn related. Again, I intended to buy a longer charger cord and didn't get around to it.

For Ted:

For Chase:
Baby swaddles/blankets/hat for photos
Going home outfit (with legs for the car seat, not a gown) - Both Lexi and Chase wore soft Kissy Kissy pima cotton sets. Linked to a few below! I brought an extra in case there was a last minute accident.
Car seat - You won't be discharged without one!

The hospital will likely send you home with most of what you will need for care down below for a vaginal delivery (peri bottle, thick pads, mesh underwear, witch hazel pads, sitz bath). Not a bad idea to have Tylenol, Motrin, stool softener and thinner pads at home otherwise you will need to do a drug store run. No idea what's needed for a c-section, so research if that is planned!

Chase in his Kissy Kissy going home outfit.

What were your essentials that I forgot?


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Welcoming Chase Edward

Chase Edward Blackinton
Born September 8, 2018 at 11:14 am
6 pounds 14 ounces, 20 inches

Round 2! I was just as nervous anticipating labor and delivery for Chase as I was with Lexi. The first time around Ted and I just had to worry about getting ourselves to the hospital but now I was concerned with Lexi. My parents and a few friends were on call. I was also scared I wouldn't know what it would feel like and when to go to the hospital, which I just laugh about now. Lexi was born 9 days early and Chase surprised us even earlier at 15 days before my due date.

We went to Rowayton Seafood on a Friday night to celebrate our anniversary while my parents watched Lexi. It had been awhile since we had a date night and knew it would probably be our last since Chase was due in 2 weeks. When we got home, we watched a few episodes of Ozark on Netflix (the first series I have watched in forever) and went to bed around midnight. Similar to the night before Lexi was born, I told Ted I was feeling "weird" ... can't explain it.  He said he bet I would be going into labor soon, and he was right. I kept waking up every 20 minutes and the contractions had started. They were irregular so I didn't know what to think. Around 3 am, I couldn't sleep so went downstairs to watch TV. I downloaded an app (the same one I used with Lexi) to start timing them and when they became consistent decided it was time to take a shower, just in case. I called my parents around 4:30 am asking them to come over, but warned it could be a false alarm. In the hour that it took them to arrive, I knew it was definitely go time. We probably could have left for the hospital a little sooner but I had to blow dry my hair....

My contractions in the car on the way to the hospital were stronger and painful. On arrival, I was 5 cm dilated and immediately admitted. (This time around I wasn't asked to walk around the hospital for an hour to see if I progressed before being admitted.) I requested an epidural immediately and while it was being administered asked why it had worn off by delivery for Lexi... begging for assurance that wouldn't happen again. No guarantees but at least I put it out there! I was happy to have the same doctor on call that delivered Lexi and had been seeing up until delivery. She estimated around 8 am that the baby would be born before noon. Well after taking a nap it was go time. A couple of pushes and Chase was born at 11:14 am. He immediately peed all over the nurse and we were all laughing... what an entrance. My labor and delivery was much faster and easier that I almost didn't believe he was here. No screaming... no vomiting. The epidural did its job.

Thankfully he was born healthy and there were no complications with either of us. We decided to have the rest of the day at the hospital with just Chase before bringing Lexi to meet him. It was still sinking in that I now had two babies! I wasn't sure how I could love another as much as her but it's true that your love does not get divided it multiplies.

I love my little boy so much. He's the sweetest and we are blessed to welcome him to our family!

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