Tuesday, July 21, 2020

National Backpack Day

Backpacks: Lands' End Small Classmate Backpack. Sandals: Target Girls & Boys.

Today is National Backpack Day. Land's End sent us these cute backpacks to use for the upcoming school year. Chase will be joining his big sis at preschool! They are both wearing the small classmate size - I love the adjustable chest strap feature.

Today all backpacks and lunchboxes at Lands' End are 60% off with code: BACKPACKDAY (through 7/21).

Have a great day!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Beach Days

Packing for the beach is a process... just listing everything out is exhausting! We are lucky to live close to the beach so I try to always have my bag ready to go for those sunny days or pizza dinners by the water. In a perfect scenario we just have to pack a cooler and load everything into the car. If only it was that simple.. we always forget something.

Have to love that the first thing on my list is the one thing we don't have have and need... love this color combo.
The chairs we have from Amazon are currently out of stock but will likely be back if you keep watch. I also have some beach chairs for the kids (Home Goods)... if I pack them they never sit in them and if I leave them at home they ask about them. 
Tall enough for a bottle of wine (4, to be exact). A recent purchase and it has already gotten so much use. There is a larger version available that also looks great. If you are local, you can find them at Palmer's.
I have a fold up blanket from Target and this was the closest match I could find. Anything to save room!
I have the LL Bean version, but love how this one has a side pocket. What's in there? Towels, sunscreen, baby power (to remove wet sand), hairbrush, diapers/wipes, wet/dry bag and change of clothes the the kids, dry snacks, paper plates/napkins/garbage bags and a spray bottle.
Sadly we lost Lexi's large shovel, I have to head to Party City to pick up a couple of these. It's been hard to find a replacement! 
Staple. I haven't had to replace our towels yet but these look like a great option. I also have these microfiber towels for the kids that pack up small. Personally I like a plush towel on my beach chair so bring both. 
A big hit with the toddlers and also keeps you cool. Win win. 
I woke up in the middle of the night to order the Vineyard Vines for Target wagon... if I hadn't purchased that this would be the one I would get! My best beach purchase.
You can never have enough beach toys. I have bought mine at Target, CVS, and Home Goods. 

Baby Bum Sunscreen Face Stick

La Roche-Posay Kids Sunscreen Lotion

These are my favorite sunscreens for the kids and I often use them also to make packing easier. 

The California Beach Co. Tent

Last year when Chase was under a year old, we used this tent at the beach. I bought it at the end of the summer for a trip - we knew we would be spending hours at the beach at a time. I was hesitant not knowing if I would use it in the future when he was older...  now it's in the backyard as a fort by both kids (almost 2, 4) and was definitely worth it. Love that the side opens up - you can keep them contained or open it up so they can come and go as they please.

One of the best tips I have learned is to use baby powder to remove wet sand. It absorbs the moisture and sand easily brushes off. (My friend Claire at Home With The Wileys also suggested a wide soft paint brush - great idea!)

Bring on the beach days!
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