Tuesday, September 14, 2021

CHET Dream Big! Competition

DREAM BIG! Hard to believe the first weeks of kindergarten are in the books for Lexi. Time to start thinking ahead. We’ve recreated the classroom at home and Lexi has been working on her @CHET529 Dream Big! Competition submission for a chance to win a 529 college savings account contribution. The CHET Dream Big! Competition is open to students in grades k-8 and high school seniors for a chance to win money for higher education.

I asked Lexi what she will do when she grows up, after college (“When will I go to college, Mom?) to help others in her community (What does community mean?) and after a bit of explaining she knew her plan… teach others to dance. “Dancing makes people happy!” She drew the cutest picture of herself as a dance teacher with her students on our chalkboard. Here’s the scoop on how to enter! 

Kids in Grades K-8: Enter for a chance to win a $529 CHET account contribution by responding to the question “How have or will you help the community?” 477 k-8 grade students from around Connecticut will be selected Entries can be in essay form, art (drawing, painting, poem, or photograph), video 

High School Senior Class of 2022: $100,000 will be awarded to 80 high school seniors 5 winners will each win $5,000 with another 75 winners receiving $1,000 Students need to provide information on their academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community service, and respond to the question, “What are your future goals to have a voice or leadership role in your own community?” Submissions must be uploaded as an essay or video 

Entry forms and program details can be found at https://go.fidelity.com/Dream 
Submission deadline for both programs is September 22, 2021

Good luck… DREAM BIG! #ad


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