Thursday, February 16, 2012

Favorite Freebie

Teddy and I went to Macelleria, an Italian steakhouse in the Meatpacking District, for our Valentine's Day dinner. I immediately eyed the matches upon arrival. The hostess was seating someone so I quickly snapped a pic before putting at handful in my purse. Standard procedure...

I don't smoke, just want to light candles and primarily fill a huge jar like this!
(I don't need eight... one will do.)

Ginger Jar Matches $9.50/3 boxes

So I might be a little crazy if I actually went out and bought myself matches but don't put it past me.


  1. Laughing how you snuck a quick photo in while the hostess was busy! Sounds like something I would do :) There is something so charming and endearing about matchbooks. And I LOVE that idea of all the glass filled my wheels turning!

  2. i do the SAME exact thing at restaurants! Thanks so much for voting!! You are awesome! Feel free to do it as much as you want from now until Monday=) Have a great weekend!!


  3. Matchbooks are a cool, easy thing to collect. My g-ma takes one from where ever she goes. Something I'm going to start doing!

  4. So funny I just read this bc last night I was trying to light a candle at my house with the lighter I've had for ohhh about 6 years and it wouldn't work and I was like whyyy don't I have any matches?! If I had a jar full, I would never have that problem again!

  5. I do that too! I'm working on filling a jar that I got at Homegoods as we speak!

  6. I think they make really cute wedding favors!

    xo Tine

  7. My parents have collected matches in various apothocary jars for years. It's always so fun to hear stories about each book. and it's a great conversation starter for company.


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