Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tommy and Dee

Can you imagine what Tommy and Dee Hilfiger's Manhattan home must look like? Take a peak at this story from The Covetuer

Shoes a plenty. Dee's collection is to die for and I was equally blown away with Tommy's half of the closet.

The story mentioned his ad campaign with Britney Spears before she "hit" big. Being the huge Brit fan I am, I loved the throwback!


  1. That closet is to die for. I couldn't imagine owning that many shoes, it would take me hours to get ready in the morning because I wouldn't be able to decide what to wear :)


  2. What an amazing shoe collection!

  3. I've heard their apartment is amazing....looks like that's true

  4. Do you remember the MTV reality show with his daughter in it? I used to be obsessed with that show!


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