Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pink and Green Thursday

I can't think of a better way to celebrate spring and Mother's Day than a Pink & Green Weekend on Martha's Vineyard.

This new tradition by the Edgartown Board of Trade took place last weekend and included a Pink & Green Ball.

via What's Up Martha

There were some pictures of the event on the What's Up Martha Facebook page. No surprise, I spotted lots of ladies in Lilly under those pink and green poms.

Lilly Pulitzer Amberly Dress $228

If I could have picked something new for the event it would be the dress on the left. The pattern name says it all - Prep Green Pink Twinkle!



  1. Pink & Green Ball...what fun! I can't wait to go to MV. xx

  2. I love that last dress the best!

  3. Oh my gosh how much fun would this be! I really want to get to Martha's Vineyard for my first time this summer. xo

  4. I think this is the first time I've commented on your blog.

    LOVE the photo of Edgartown light dressed up in pink and green!

    : )


  5. HOW FUN! A pink and green ball sounds so ideal, especially on Martha's Vineyard! Love it!!


  6. What could be better then a pink and green ball!??! Love it! xo

  7. SO pretty! thats looks like a princess castle =]


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