Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Towne and Reese Jewelry

I hate to say that I'm a little bored of Bachelorette this season, but it's the truth. Maybe I'm ruining it for myself because I read the spoilers. Nonetheless, I still spend the 2 hours to see what Emily Maynard is wearing. I loved her boots, leather jacket and scarves from tonight's episode. It won't be long before fall fashion is out... summer is flying by.

I wanted to share that Pea Pod Paper and Gifts is having a Towne and Reese Jewelry promotion - 20% off through 6/22 with code FALLINLOVE. As seen on Emily... the Brooke Earrings. (I ordered my monogrammed iPhone case from this company and get their emails... love the site and they have great customer service.)

Emily is wearing the mint. I am also liking the white.

Lots of other cute jewelry (this turquoise ring was also seen on Emily). Happy Shopping!


  1. I feel the same way about this season, it's just not as interesting to watch. But I've actually been good this season and haven't read any spoilers, so I'll definitely keep watching until the end! xoxo

  2. I havent read any spoilers but I may after this week, those earrings are adorable

  3. I was thinking the same thing about fall clothes yesterday. and I am NOT ready. They'll def be out in July :-( and I love the watch the Bach to watch Emily, what she's wearing, what she says, how she says it, ha. I'm obsessed with her, but yeah the season isn't very happening.

  4. Guh.
    I was definitely thinking the same thing about this Season- I actually skipped lasted night's episode and opted to watch it another night via hulu.
    She's a great girl & she'll get a good guy too. (I like Sean!)

    Earrings-totally cute. Thanks for sharing!
    Eat Cake

  5. I'm definately with you about being bored with Emily. I get that she's a mother and all, but as a single gal with no strings whatsoever I can't relate at all. Buuuut on the flipi side I'm kinda in love with all the clothes she wears, so basically monday nights are spent with my girlfriends watching the bachelorette on mute talking about her wardrobe.

  6. Overall I've been really confused with Emily's outfits. I like some things, but the majority of the dresses, I really hate. I'm pretty neutral about her, but I like most of the guys.


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