Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remember Me?

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I have a new roomie! Unfortunately he's a Sox fan... but other than that I have no complaints. I bought these coasters at a gift shop in Chatham.

I spent all last week traveling for work and then came home to pack up for the move. I flew to San Francisco on Monday and then Las Vegas the next night for the remainder of the week. I. LOVE. VEGAS. My friends and I went a couple of years ago and are due back together! I was happy to scope out the scene for us. Unfortunately there wasn't a Prince Harry or Ryan Lochte sighting...

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I say it time and time again... I hate packing. Since I had a connecting flight on my way out there I did carry on because I have a fear of losing my luggage. I put one tote inside the other when boarding. My pink luggage really stood out on the gate check baggage cart.

One of the tips I have learned is to stick with one color scheme when traveling. This helps with coordinating shoes and bags that can take up lots of room. 

(Aw my first mirror pic... I really am a blogger.)

I try to find dresses that can be transformed for business with a blazer or sweater (in hand above). Since I am short I can make these dresses at Forever 21 work. I found this shift and the houndstooth dress the day before my trip. I am definitely not always that lucky when last minute shopping.

Back to unpacking...


  1. I was in Vegas last week too--so much fun!

  2. Packing one color...or 3 maximum to mix for traveling is always a plus. Stop by for Shopbop $100 giveaway!

  3. i heard vegas is such a fun weekend trip! I hate packing as well...always last minute and always over packed!

  4. Love this dress - I'm too tall so most of the dresses a f21 are too short for me to wear to work :(

  5. LOVE your style! Pretty unfortunate that your roomie is a sox fan. Keep representing for the Bronx Bombers! I'm a Yankees fan too :)

  6. Total bummer that you missed out on the Prince Harry fun ;)
    I have never been to Vegas and I'm dying to go... hopefully next year. Would you recommend staying at The Cosmopolitan? I actually saw an ad for it a few weeks ago so check out the webpage and it looks gorgeous :)

  7. Love your dresses! I need to stop by F21 - its been ages since I've been in. Sounds like you have been super busy - good luck getting all settled into your new apartment! xo

  8. Lovin' the dress and what a great packing tip. I need to remember that because I ALWAYS over pack ;)

  9. Great packing tips. I've never thought about the color thing. I will keep that in mind on my next trip!


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