Sunday, October 28, 2012


I needed some flameless candles for sconces and my mom came across a great set at Costco. It included 7 candles in various sizes and a remote control for $30. Yes, remote control! They also have red for the holidays. I have two on the wall and the others in a grouping on my coffee table.

The tray was an awesome apartment warming gift from a friend along with the blue coasters from Anthropologie. They definitely know my taste!

I took advantage of a recent Lord and Taylor sale to get this Ella Moss top. It's great with leggings and ballet flats for a causal day.

I received Dior Diorshow Mascara to try courtesy of People StyleWatch. I've heard so many great reviews on this particular wand but like to replace my mascara frequently so usually buy drug store brands. It takes a few less coats with this brush to get the full coverage that I like. However, I still prefer a plastic brush for definition so my friend suggested Diorshow Iconic. Next on the list to try.

On the subject of Dior makeup... if you have an urge to splurge I would recommend the eyeshadow palettes. Since it's shimmery I save for special nights out. I also just like looking at the pretty packaging my makeup bag.

What's your favorite high-end mascara?



  1. I love Diorshow Iconic Mascara! I can't use the regular Diorshow wand because it doesn't put anything on my lashes. I actually had to throw it out! This mascara is not for the faint of heart because it's very difficult to remove but that's why I love it! Also, if you like the Diorshow wand, Benefit's Bad Gal Lash has the same wand (they are owned by the same company) but the formula is more watery and preferable to many!

  2. I'm shopping for new mascara, I may just have to try this :)

  3. Pretty Dior! I love that makeup!



  4. I love your new tray! Diorshow mascara is my favorite...I agree that it doesn't take many coats to get great lashes!!

  5. I will have to make a trip to costco now! xx

  6. Love the Ella Moss top. It's the perfect length...covers the rear:) I have been using Chanel mascara. It is $$ pricey but I keep coming back to it.

  7. I love the Diorshow Extase mascara, but I agree with's hard to justify spending so much on mascara when it needs to be replaced so often!

  8. I need those candles! haha.....that is awesome!

  9. Candles! My favorite part about fall/winter :]

    Very fun blog!

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