Monday, January 7, 2013

Blue & White: Wedding Crashers

Scene from Wedding Crashers

I was watching Wedding Crashers for the gazillionth time and noticed that this blue and white ice container matched a jar in my kitchen.

My mom bought the set at Pier 1 several years ago. That's a Peace Lily plant in the corner that I have managed to keep alive for a month. Even though they are supposed to be easy to maintain I find myself Googling "How to care for Peace Lily" frequently.

While I was verifying that this in fact was the same jar (the things that amuse me), I found some more photos of the estate where the movie was filmed.

Some blue and white for you...

It looks like the ottoman next to the couch is monogrammed... love it!

P.S. Lilly Pulitzer (womens, girls & gifts/home) is on Rue La La today at 11 AM EST.


  1. good eye lady! my hubby and i stayed at the hotel where the reception was filmed for our anniversary- it's on MD eastern shore- so beautiful! love that movie :)

  2. Love your cannisters. Blue and white is such a pretty combination.

  3. I love love love how everything kind of matches the china! it really brings the room together!

    love weddings crashers. i die every time.

  4. The deck with the crab pillows TOO CUTE! I love the blue and white pairing


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