Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sara's Bridal Shower

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My BFF is getting married! You may have read about the proposal last year and seen her stunning nautical engagement photos. Sara's future mother in law hosted a lovely shower at FireFly American Bistro in Manasquan, New Jersey back in April.

Amy, one of Sara's bridesmaids, captured the details of the event. The centerpiece flowers were arranged in cute bags for guests to tote home.

The FireFly salad was to die for...arugula, goat cheese, poached Barlett pear, toy box tomato, shallot candied walnut and basil. The food was delicious and the wine flowing!

The bridal party gifted her a Dyson vacuum and big ol' basket of cleaning supplies. 

Dear Sara,

We gather together with you to celebrate the DAWN of a new ERA. Marriage is a journey. Some days it will be pure JOY, but let’s take a moment and talk about the others.

There may come a time when you realize your big BRAWNY guy isn’t
necessarily MR. CLEAN

When you get frustrated, don’t SHOUT or send up an SOS. Go EASY ON him. Hopefully the TIDE will change quickly and things will BOUNCE back to normal.

We think you and Chris are a FANTASTIK couple with a ZEST for life. We fully support you as you and Chris PLEDGE to spend your lives as one.

We wish you all the best… Including love, happiness and lots of time to SNUGGLE.

Your Bridal Party

I found the poem online and slightly altered it because we couldn't find all of the products. It was quite the mission among us to find the Easy On.

Sara with her rehearsal bouquet of shower ribbons.

Love you!


  1. It seems like the air is filled with nothing but wedding bliss. I absolutely love it :) What a fun shower! I loved her nautical engagement photos as well. I hope to have some made like that when I get engaged.


  2. It looks like it was a wonderful shower! The firefly salad sounds delicious!

  3. What a cute idea for the bridal shower gift! Definitely making a mental bookmark of that idea... Or finding it on Pinterest, lets be honest ;)
    Super adorable dresses! I wish I had the patience to look all cute sometimes but I just don't... Maybe one day it'll come back to me ;)

  4. A dyson is such a great gift!! I bet she loved opening that!

  5. I LOVE your blog! Whiten your teeth for your bridal shower with the All White Bleaching System and save 10% with the promo code ORALCARE at dentist.net!

  6. What an original idea! I love that little poem. Never seen that before!


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