Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beauty Review: New and Old Favorites

1// Morgan Stewart of #RichKids of Beverly Hills swears by this similar Peter Thomas Roth mask on her blog, boobs and loubs. They both have the same active ingredient, 10% sulfur. The other version was the only one available at Sephora so I ordered it during their last promotion. She has gorgeous glowy skin... and I will try whatever she does if it's in my budget.

I wanted to try it a few times before posting about it... I plan to continue using this at least 2x a week based on my experience so far. My skin feels great after and it has helped clear up my recent breakouts.

On a side note I am looking forward to season 2 of #RKOBH. “The thing about us is that we’re constantly either trying to be skinny, or eating.”

2// I don't know why it is called lip cream... don't let that deter you. It is a lip plumping gloss. I like that there are no sparkles and the color is neutral so it's perfect for everyday wear. I will never own enough lip glosses.

3// This "Holy Grail" blush doesn't need much explaining... I haven't used it in a long time but continue to see it all over blogs and magazines. It's back in the arsenal for a peachy pink glow this spring and summer.

Anyone else try this mask?


  1. my favorite blush too! I need to try that mask.

  2. I love that you watch that show too...it's a train wreck but somehow I couldn't stay away!! I love the blush - ultimate fave!

  3. I am a big fan of Buxom Lipglosses. Do you like any other colors?

    1. I also like Buxom Full On in Sophia ... it's pink with shimmer. :)


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