Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pats Game

 Jacket: Piperlime (similar). Sweater: Gap. Jeans: AG. Scarf: Forever 21. Boots: Nine West. Bag: Ziploc (NFL stadium rules... ugh).

It's official... I am now a Pats fan. Sorry, Giants! Marriage....
(Baseball is another story... I will forever be rooting for the Yankees.) I gave Ted tickets to the Pats vs. Bears game as a first anniversary gift. Not bad for paper, right?

I found the tickets on TickPick (similar to Stubhub but without fees for buyers), a company that was started by a fellow Lehigh alum. I have also bought concert tickets and highly recommend you check them out if you are in the market for event tickets. The site ranks ticket based on location and price to help you identify the best deal.

Go Brady!

My scarf doubled as a blanket when it got chilly. It was only $12 from Forever 21.

I am in love with this Gap Eversoft drop shoulder sweater. I have it in gray and mushroom... on sale now.

Ted and I made an agreement that if I became a Pats fan he would buy me whatever gear I wanted. I passed on the "Spirit Fingerz"... unfortunately not iPhone compatible. 


  1. Such a great idea for an anniversary present!! Those games can be rough this time of year - so chilly!

  2. Who can resist a good chilly football game!? Happy Anny!

  3. You look so cute bundled up in your scarf! I try to be a Giant's fan for my boyfriend, but I really am a Redskin's fan at heart.


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