Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Update

This past weekend was spent in Philadelphia visiting my friend Dineen. We woke up early on Saturday morning for yoga and then followed with a bar hopping tour around Philly. Even though I went to college in Pennsylvania (Lehigh) I haven't spent much time in Philly, so it was nice to get a tour of the city.

One of the doors along Elfreth's Alley, America's oldest residential street. I was curious how much these homes sold for and found a listing from earlier this year. Have a peak inside.

I'm happy to say that I completed most of my goals I posted last Monday, including organizing my makeup and products. I did wait until Sunday night but it got done. This is before I put it all back in the bathroom and not pictured is the pile of stuff I threw away. I ordered these acrylic drawers on Amazon about 2 years ago and really like being able to see everything I have in one place. The Container Store has similar drawers for a better price.

That's all for now... have a good week!

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  1. okay those homes are seriously adorable and a downright steal compared to apartments in the NYC or DC areas! I think you've convinced me to move!


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