Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Tod's Point, Greenwich

Good morning, remember me? Since I last blogged I have been extremely lucky to have traveled to Dublin, Berlin, Paris, Napa and Palm Beach. Now I'm settled back at home in Connecticut and thankfully it has finally warmed up! While I'm gathering all my photos and compiling my travel highlights here are a few things on my mind.

Ripped jeans and these espadrilles have been my recent go-to. The quilting and cap-toe are very Chanel-esque and anyone that asks where they are from are surprised to learn Madden Girl. For sizing, I went down 1/2 from what I typically wear.

Madden Girl Passsion $49.99 (also available here)

I'm counting down the days (19) until I'm finally able to upgrade my phone. I'm 95% leaning toward the iPhone 6 Plus. The other 5% is concerned with it fitting in my clutches, being able to discreetly take photos and just looking ginormous in general. Curious if anyone out there has the 6 Plus and any regrets. 

Saving the worst for last. In case you're sick of Lilly for Target I understand and we will catch up another time. Here's my play by play on the collab.

My friends who work in Manhattan were able to check out the pop up store and display in Bryant Park last week, which started my excitement and anxiety. I said I wasn't going to get worked up over this, but I was getting jealous and I'm a sucker for all this hype. I even had a dream last Thursday that I was the first to arrive at Target and bought my two coveted beach chairs. I then woke up in the middle of the night thinking I missed the online sale. What is wrong with me?!

I stayed up on Saturday for the late night 1:00-3:00 AM EST launch. This was difficult after having a few glasses of wine but I pushed through. After following the #lillyfortarget posts on Instagram and Twitter I got word that the mobile links were live if you Googled the exact product name. Target's mistake was my gain, I acted quickly and ordered the two beach chairs. I then found a few other links with available products and made another order. Target acknowledged the mobile mistake on Twitter and said the website would launch at 3AM. By then, just about everything was sold out within a couple of minutes. Finally time to sleep for a few hours.

My friend texted me at 7:20 letting me know she was going to head to the store. Lucky for Ted, last minute switch of plans and he was now off the hook since I had a shopping buddy. My local Target is in the middle of downtown Stamford, several flights up and connected to a parking garage. We saw the signs directing us to the appropriate parking level where a line of 100 women sizing each other up awaited anxiously for the doors to open. 

And so the chaos began at 8:00. As a frequent Target shopper who knows the lay of the land, I called it that people would wait on the floors below and run up the stairs cutting everyone. I just couldn't be one of those people. Not only was there running, but yelling. By the time I was in the front of the store at ~ 8:02 I could see that all the clothes were gone. I went straight to the beauty section and was the first one there. This was both exhilarating and frightening as I became surrounded by the other crazed Lilly fans. I grabbed the two sets that I liked most and then a few nail files and hair ties because I could. 

By 8:05 it was all gone. There were so many disappointed empty-handed shoppers milling around the fitting room hoping to score a find. I got several glares as I walked to the checkout with my arms full of the beauty products above. Others were sharing their frustration with the management about line cutting and lack of item limit. This Buzzfeed sums up the situation well. What a fiasco! Funny, I have never been in and out of Target so quickly.

It's good to be back! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Can't wait to see more pictures from your travels!

  2. No regrets on buying the 6Plus at all. The camera is amazing and its really not that big. It fits in all my clutches too!


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