Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brows On Fleek?

What's the secret behind Cara Delevingne's eyebrows? According to Daily Mail, apparently she doesn't let anyone touch them. She's smart...

I'm a victim of a bad eyebrow wax, so this tube of Revitabrow just arrived via Amazon Prime. I'll try anything! I've been trying to grow them thicker and was just starting to make progress.

I'm even more mad that I just bought a package to European Wax Center because I won't be setting foot in there for quite some time while I recover. Every time I'm there they try to upsell me and I say no... I finally caved... and then this happened.  I had to stop myself from furrowing my brow typing this... don't want this to cause wrinkles too.Thanks for listing to my rant.

Now I'm truly getting my money's worth out of this product (I use the soft brown color). The dual-sided brush is a must for application and blending. I didn't consistently fill in my brows until recent months when I bought it after seeing great reviews. It takes some time to nail down the precise application so skip it when I'm in a rush. In that case, I'll use this MAC angle brush and eye eyeshadow (Bobbi Brown in Blonde).

If you don't fill your brows, here is a great tutorial from Maskcara. She's on of my favorite beauty bloggers. It's pretty crazy what a difference it can make in your look. Also, here are some before and after of celebs with bolder brows.

I'm going for a brow look a la Karen Smith Amanda Seyfried. 



  1. How is the RevitaBrow working? I could use some I think :/

    1. I wish I could say I see a difference but I think it's too soon... I came across this DIY solution that I might try when the tube runs out.


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