Monday, September 12, 2016

Baby Safety with Britax

Last week I attended an event with Britax and FairfieldCounty Moms Blog along with 10 local moms to raise awareness for Child Passenger Safety Month. A car seat is one of the top purchases you are making to keep you little one protected, and most importantly ensuring that you are using it properly in the case of a collision.

Our cars were lined up and ready for installation of the new Advocate ClickTight after a comprehensive demonstration. (If anyone had been in the market for a midsize SUV this event could have doubled as a car show.) The most difficult part was getting it out of the box and into the car on a hot and humid day. I’ll be honest, though I could install the seat myself I would much rather "supervise" and guide my husband next time around. 

An astounding 75% of car seats aren't installed correctly. There are two ways to secure - the seat belt or the LATCH system. Personally, I find the latches confusing since there are rules depending on the model year of your car and whether forward or rear-facing. Always read your car seat guide, check the vehicle manual and pay attention to weight limits (including that of the seat). This particular car seat utilizes the seat belt. 

The ClickTight technology is simple... turn the key to open, thread the seat belt through the slots, click it close. Pull the strap tight to secure (you will hear another click) and press the button above the key to loosen. The Anti-Rebound bar is an additional safety feature that reduces rebound rotation by 40% and stabilizes the car seat during crashes. 

We gave the seat a test run over the weekend on our way to lunch.  My only "complaint" is that Lexi fell right to sleep so when we arrived at the restaurant, which was less than 10 minutes away, I had to carefully move her into her stroller. At least we know it's comfortable. For now having an infant car seat carrier that can easily transfer from the stroller into a base in my car is the most ideal. However, I am happy to have the Advocate ClickTight for our other car. I had planned to go with a convertible car seat over a second infant car seat base, since it grows with your child making it an economical choice. 

If you are in the market for a new seat, now is a great time. Britax is having a sale through 9/30 for Baby Safety Month and you can save up to 25%. 


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  1. I love my Britax! We upgraded to a convertible carseat when our son was about 6 months old (we had been gifted a Britax Chaperone infant seat that was HEAVY). Had we been using the B-Safe, I think we would have stayed in the infant seat longer. I think if we have a second child, I'll have to upgrade my B-Agile stroller to a B-Ready.
    P.S. Darling photos of your baby girl.


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