Friday, April 21, 2017


Photographs by Karen Morneau Photography

Happy Friday! These are a few of Lexi's photos from her one year shoot a few weeks ago. Her sweet dress is from the Beaufort Bonnet Company. I'll be sharing her pink and green themed cake smash next week.

This weekend I'll be attempting to organize my photos... digital spring cleaning. I left off  in November so have several months to catch up on. I upload my camera and iPhone photos into folders on an external hard drive by month. It's been my goal to keep up with it at least every 6 months, print copies and make albums. This round will be just in time for Mother's Day... albums always make a great gift. I go back and forth with sites that I should backup my photos on. I currently use Shutterfly for albums, but open to other options. Would love some feedback!

Have a great weekend!



  1. She is a doll!!!! Just adore her! I use shutterfly and google photo (for videos)

  2. Lexie is just too sweet! Her photos turned out adorable!

    I use dropbox to organize & store my pictures- it's only $10/month for 1TB of storage and then I can access my pictures on any device I download dropbox on. Love it!


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