Monday, January 29, 2018

Lately: Skincare

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The secret for flawless skin? Perfect lighting and a filter (my preferred app is Pic-Tap-Go). But great products, regular facials and a visit to the dermatologist for fun can help too. Unfortunately I haven't had the last two lately (more on that below), but in the meantime I've rounded up what products I've been using most lately.

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Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser
Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Exfloliator
I've been hooked on Beautycounter cleansers for a long time. I use the cream cleanser in the morning and the exfoliator at night. I've been too lazy to use my Clarisonic (I go in phases with it) so have been relying on this to slough away dead skin and prep skin for moisturizing.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O
I stocked up on this while I was in Paris years ago, but now you order just as easily online. Micellar water is now easier to find as there are several drug store brand versions. No rinsing required! (Read more about it on Allure.) I don't typically wear lots of eye makeup, but when I do this is what I turn to first.  I primarily use it to remove foundation that gets on my lips while getting ready. It's also great if you change your mind on lipstick (it easily gets off the reddest or reds!) 
Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
I've used other wipes that have irritated my skin. I have found these to be the best!
Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water
I spray this on my skin and blot off with a flat cotton round after I cleanse. Why? I'm trying to be fancy like the French

Clinque Pep-Start Eye Cream
Honestly, I'm not loyal to any eye cream. I always seem to have samples on hand and when I ran out, grabbed this at Sephora. It's lightweight and absorbs quickly. I would buy it again. 
Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion
When this moisturizer debuted it immediately sold out. That made me want to try it when it came back it stock. It's lightweight and I do think my skin has been less dry this winter because of it. 
First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer
I tried a sample of this while I was traveling. Sephora knows what they're doing with their samples. I typically use this when I'm going out at night... it's just easier when the primer is combined. 
This is hands down my favorite Beautycounter product. I use this down to the last drop! It is so hydrating and saves my skin in the winter.
Beautycounter No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil
I put a few drops of this after my moisturizer before I go to sleep. Don't be afraid of oils, even if you have oily skin. I know that sounds weird but just read up on it. 
Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex
When I'm out of Beautycounter, I turn to this to use both AM/PM. 
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Sheet Variety Set
Innisfree is a popular Korean brand that uses natural ingredients. I came back from Hong Kong last fall with at least 40 of these in my bag. No joke. There is now a US site available to order online or you can find them on Amazon And if you happen to be in NYC, they recently opened a store. The masks are $2-$3 each.

Facials. The last two I have booked were cancelled because of conflicts with Lexi and Ted's schedule. :( Not much more to say but it's time...

Finally, let's talk about Botox. When I was done nursing Lexi I treated myself to it between my eyes (aka the "11's") and forehead. The results last between 3-4 months. I haven't had it since the fall so I am overdue.  I feel like a bit of hypocrite since I'm always going for natural products otherwise... but what can I say. I wish more bloggers were open about the treatments and injections they get in addition to products to completely understand their regime. But, to each their own. I completely understand both views and it's a personal decision what you want to disclose. If you're local, I'm happy to refer you to my dermatologist just shoot me a message. I wouldn't trust anyone else but her!

I'm on a mission to use all the products and samples I have before I go out and buy anything new. We'll see how long that lasts.

Would love to hear any products that you are loving lately!



  1. I need to get that BC cream immediately. My skin is so dry in the Winter, so I love all of these recs! I also need to get Botox as soon as I am done nursing. How much does it hurt because I am such a wuss and that is the only thing holding me back.

    1. Yes, I literally went the week I was done. I didn't think it hurt... didn't stop me from going back!

  2. Have you tried the sunscreen by Beauty Counter?

    1. I have but I prefer La Roche-Posay and Supergoop - both absorb much better and are paraben free.


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