Monday, May 21, 2018

Scenes from the Weekend

Lexi's Jacket: Saint James (NRO Edgartown)

Saturday morning was off to an early start with the royal wedding followed by volunteering for a local charity. I had immediate regrets when scrolling through Instagram that I didn't have a proper viewing party (for myself) with tea and scones. Lexi had no interest in watching... I was trying to explain that she could have a chance with Prince George but she wasn't having it. I didn't get to watch the entire ceremony as we were off to help with OPUS for Person-to-Person Balloons for Campers Day.

Once we finished hanging balloons on mailboxes in recognition for donations our typical weekend kicked off. We've been taking Lexi to swim lessons on Saturday morning. Ted goes in the pool with her and I'm on the bench. She knows we'll head to Starbucks after class, and the promise of a cake pop is the only thing that will force her out of the pool. 

Pajamas: Roller Rabbit. Play mat: Little Nomad. Kitchen: KidKraft. Baking Set: KidKraft.

Lexi's sweet babysitter gave her this baking set for her birthday and it was a huge hit. She always has one of those cookies or cupcakes in hand around the house. (I was cleaning up the other night and couldn't find a piece of the set... I was going crazy. I know this needs to stop, losing toys is inevitable, but I get overly emotional when pieces go missing.)

I got a few messages on Instagram stories about the play mat in my family room. I learned about the mats from the UES Mommas Facebook group and bought it when Lexi was about 6 months, shortly after they hit the market. It's held up pretty well (except Lexi will remove the border pieces and bend them.. they dent easily) and fits right in with our decor.

Dress: Gap. Jellies: Gap. Bow: Wee Ones (Wiggles and Giggles in Darien).

We make at least one stop to either Home Depot or a local gardening shop each weekend. Lexi's cake pop sugar high will peak during these trips. At least the pictures of me chasing her around are cute. We picked out planters from Nielsen's and decided on hydrangeas, petunias and ivy. At the end of the season we'll plant the hydrangeas somewhere in the backyard.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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