Sunday, November 18, 2018

Gifts for Him

Gifts for the guys is always the most challenging, at least for me and my friends. So think of it this way... Christmas is a great opportunity to buy something for your husband that you want him to wear but he won't buy for himself (ex. needlepoint belt,  fleece in a new color) or have been begging him to replace (Ex. wallet, socks). This list is Ted approved...

Great for every guy on your list... because most can't find the pair from last year.
Can't go wrong with this, unless you pick the wrong team. Also available here and here.... and with all the sales you can snag this for around $15. It's a great size to bring on the go. 
I've been encouraging Ted to buy his favorite fleece in a new color... but I will just have to buy it for him.
Shop small! These ball markers from a husband-wife run small biz make a perfect stocking stuffer.
Attn: Fellow Golf Widows - I bought this for Ted several years ago and it hasn't been topped yet...
Obviously you have to get them monogrammed!
These heavy duty functional coolers come in many sizes. The Tundra 45 would be my pick, which holds ice plus 26 cans. 
This is a great hybrid wallet/money clip. 
Quick showed this to be the newest and is an "Amazon's Choice" product so must be popular.
This 10ft long iPhone charger has a weighted knot for anchoring. Ted is always moving chargers around the house and it drives me crazy... 
Needlepoint belts are always on my gift guides... classic!

Gifts for him always seem to be the most challenging... would love to know what's on your list, comment below!


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