Thursday, January 9, 2020


MZ Wallace Tote Large Sutton Tote (I also love Oliver Thomas version) $245
I have had my MZ Wallace tote for years... it's been used as a work bag, gym bag and baby bag!

These are the items in my winter wardrobe that are on repeat. Between November and February my wardrobe is basically all black.

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I wear my Spanx several times a week... especially in December when I basically gave up on pants with a button. They truly suck you in... and unfortunately make all other leggings feel loose in comparison.
UPDATE 2/5: These leggings have been a "top seller" and I feel it's important to disclose this to anyone that turns to me for a recommendation. Are Spanx faux leather leggings worth the price $98? While I have loved wearing my faux leather leggings, I am not happy with the quality. I own a few pairs now, and the sheen has only held up for one season while following washing instructions. Since writing this post, I have been in communication with Spanx customer service disputing the quality while following suggested care. For the price, I would expect the lifetime of the sheen to last longer. I hope to find an alternative brand and style for this look next season. Unfortunate because I love the Spanx brand! :(

FAQ: Are Golden Goose worth the price tag?  Sure, if you get your wear out of them... and only if they have glitter, leopard or a pop of something fun! If you're into the look and have the budget, go for them! I love the Intermix exclusives. I was on the fence for awhile, but have worn them constantly since the fall.

My favorite cut of the popular Dudley Stephens turtleneck is the cropped Park Slope. It fits my shorter frame best and versatile by adding longer shirts underneath. I also have the longer Cobble Hill version since it covers my bum in leggings for the office. I should note they are great for keeping up with babies and tots... the vero fleece washes well!

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My latest purchase is this STIK beanie that I bought at the Darien Sports Shop. Feels like winter is just beginning in Connecticut! The style color is Blacklist... which inspired this post.

Last but not least... I finally caved and bought a pair of black leggings from Amazon, also known as the lululemon Align dupes. I went with this pair (includes the pocket, very important) since they are 7/8 length, 25" inseam, and I don't have to hem them (I'm 5'2"). As for sizing, I would recommend going down and several others I was messaging with over Instagram felt the same. The legs are comparable in thickness but I do prefer the waistband of the Aligns better. Regardless, I think for $25 they are worth adding into rotation for everyday wear and light workouts. I haven't washed them but heard they hold up well. Now I'm off to find a brushed/fleece lined pair for winter paddle. Suggestions welcome!

Happy almost weekend!

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