Monday, December 7, 2020

Gift Guide: Toddler Boys Age 2-3

(and this Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage as a "big" gift if you can find it!)

Thanks to everyone on IG for helping me make this list! I was looking for a "big" gift for Chase and definitely identified some popular choices and themes thanks to you. After all of the feedback paired with my research, I decided to get Chase the Paw Patrol Tower and Cat Ride on. I can't wait for him to wake up on Christmas morning to play with them!

Many of the suggestions we already have for Chase and big sis, so I can personally vouch that they would be great for your littles around this age. The front runner was a scooter, which we have and love. It was our "big" gift for Lexi a few years ago at this age. Lexi and Chase both get a lot of play out of our kitchen and food items (the ice cream has been a hit), Magnatiles and the tool set.

Not pictured.... train tables were also popular by boy moms (Thomas highly recommend) so we need to make some room for one in our basement. Kitchens, slides and coaster were other suggestions. KiwiCo, a subscription-based project box, was another great gift idea. 

Be on the lookout for German made Bruder trucks at Home Goods.

Always with truck in hand :)

Happy shopping!


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