Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Merry

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Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Mine was laid back with my parents, brother and Darcy. She turned 14 this year!

Was Santa good to you? He brought me a Joie leather jacket, just what I wanted! Remember the leather jacket guest post from Bud & Leo? Inspiration :)

Did you brave the stores today like me? I knew there were deals to be had... so staying home wasn't an option. Here are a few things I picked up for my upcoming trip to Lake Placid.

Aerie Crochet Scuffs $19.50 $14.50 ($9.99 in store)

I bought a similar pair last year after Christmas and loved them so much I went back for another the next day. They are in need of replacing so this was one of my first stops. They are cute, cozy and cheap! A must for a cold weather trip in my opinion.

Aerie Snowy Day Headband $19.50 $11.99 ($14.99 in store - why less online?)

I love this color and don't have much of it. The lining should keep me warm. I wish I could have found the matching gloves in stores.

Old Nay Women's Faux-Fur Cuff Wedge Boots $39.94 ($16.99 in store)

I actually bought these boots the day before Christmas along with a few other things that aren't available online anymore. I was a little peeved when I went back today and saw that some items I bought were marked down further. (I had expected it but didn't want to take the chance that the items wouldn't be there.) I asked if they would do a price adjustment, and the answers is YES! Good to keep this in mind if you did any recent shopping at their suite of stores - Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime. Just present your receipt (or call for online), easy peasy.


  1. Just came across your blog...too cute!

  2. It looks like you scored! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas honey! Kori xoxo

  3. I LOVE darcy!! Is she a Collie or a Sheltie? I grew up with a Sheltie! LOVE THEM!

  4. So jealous of the jacket! It's gorgeous!

    Aww love the photo of sweet Darcy by the tree

  5. I love all of your fuzzy gifts, and Darcy too!

  6. Hope you had a good holiday!

  7. Looks, like Santa was very good to you!!!


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