Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: Seasons Greetings

I'm still working on getting my holiday cards out this year... down to the wire! I had to run out last night to get more because of a few spelling errors... my hand has a mind of its own when I'm under pressure.

I had intentions of ordering these pink and green plaid Boatman Geller return labels... but I waited too long.

Instead I downloaded this free Microsoft Word template for standard Avery labels and switched up the font. Now I just need the stamps!

Merry Pink and Green Thursday!



  1. Are those your cards?? They are so adorable!!!! Love them! And believe me my hand starts writing crazy things by the time I get to 75 and beyond... :) Lisa

  2. Cute holiday cards girly :)

  3. Love the cards! I used Avery for my return labels too!

  4. Those cards are adorable! I think I'm going to send out happy new year cards instead-ran out of time for Christmas!


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