Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet Lara

Meet Lara, my current color!

 I received the Zoya Beach & Surf 2012 Collection courtesy of Zoya and People StyleWatch to review. I was excited to finally give this brand a try, especially since it is a toxic-free formula. I typically buy Essie and OPI because they are used at most salons and I can touch up with my own bottle at home. I've been happy with the color and quality of Zoya so it looks like I will be toting these along with me to the salon or giving them a try myself.

 I was immediately drawn to the creamy Beach colors (bottom) because they remind me of Lilly Pulitzer's color palette. I had my nails painted Arizona, the orange shade, before I left for my trip. It was fun to switch it up for once but was eager to try the pink shades. I painted Lara on a few days later. The application was easy and I didn't even need a second coat. If you like blue/green shades you will love Wednesday.

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Pairs well with a dirty martini!

See the collection here - Set of 6 $48/Individually $8

Have you tried Zoya? (Birchbox subscribers, I know many of you have!) How do you think it compares with other popular brands?


  1. Oh la la, I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish but usually stick to OPI. I've never tried Zoya but this looks intriguing!

    xx Emily @

  2. I love those Zoya colors -- especially the Arizona shade!

  3. I love the pale pink one from the beach collection!

  4. LOVE these colors! I'm currently wearing Fiji by Essie! Not the newest of colors but I still love it!

    Love your blog, come check mine out and follow if you like :)

  5. Love the colors! The brand itself is phenomenal! I'm obsessed with the top coat and don't get me started on their remover! Love it so much I went back and bought a liter!!!

  6. I love Zoya polish, it's the new OPI. I'm your newest follower!


  7. I have yet to try this brand but I keep seeing it everywhere and they have the prettiest colors!

  8. Hi! :) love the polish nails,so pretty :) I´m a new follower*Hope you can follow my blog back! Kisses

  9. I haven't tried it yet but everyone raves about it so I'm going to have to give this brand a shot- I'm loving the color Lara!


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