Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Football Frenzy

When it comes to NFL football I'm usually watching from my couch or with a few friends on their couch, that's why I'm keeping it super casual. For the last 2 Big Blue Superbowl victories I have been wearing leggings and sneakers so for good luck I'm going with the same ensemble for this week's Football Frenzy theme.

Why did I choose these sneakers? Please see list before you stop reading my blog.
1. They are blue. 
2.Because it's Friday's Fancies and if I want to have ugly $225 sneakers I can.
3. See image below.

Ahh... see they aren't so bad. Oh wait, what wouldn't these Victoria's Secret models look good in? Would you wear them?

Do you have anything from the Victoria's Secret NFL line? I'll take a jersey please.



  1. how CUTE is this look for the days of football! well, if i dont understand whats going on in the game.. at least i can look cute watching ;) Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  2. I'm dying over that zoya polish!

    xo, Emily

  3. I'm diggin' the wedge sneaker trend! Cute outfit!!

  4. The Michele watch? Swoonnn.

    So glad to be back and reading your posts :) I missed them! (aka: I'm such a terrible blogger and it's all my fault ha ha)

  5. Love, love, love, love that polish color. There's no way you won't be the best looking fan with this outfit!

  6. So true! VS models make everything look good including ugly $225 sneakers! Now they really don't look that bad and I won't judge if you buy them. Like that they have a bit of a wedge too, always like that extra bit of height!

  7. wearing football jerseys is actually one of my favorite parts of fall fashion! love this outfit!

  8. loving how your a giants fan -- me too -- go big blue! xo


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