Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ginger Jars

via Pinterest

Blue and white ginger jars are classic and timeless... I can't get enough!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I'm always amazed at how these blue and white pieces can be incorporated into so many different types of decor.

A pretty set from C. Wonder.

This print would add some unbreakable blue and white decor to a college dorm room.

via Laura Burciago

I love seeing flowers displayed in ginger jars... here is another take for a fall tablescape.



  1. Love these!! I want to add some more blue and white touches to our next place.

  2. I love blue & white ginger jars too! We have a little collection going in our den, which is decorated in coral and blue with touches of tan and white.

  3. Never knew what these were called but thanks for the insight!


  4. I love the blue and white ginger jars as well. I have actually been looking for one to go on my table for the past couple months, but have had no luck. xo


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