Friday, December 21, 2012

Strike A Pose

New Year... new workout routine. I bought myself a series of yoga classes for Christmas. I've taken classes here and there and hope to make it part of my routine in 2013. I need some Om in my life!

Of course I immediately start thinking about new gear...

Cape Madras Cottage Yoga Ball $240
My Custom Yoga Mat $40
Copco Hydra Bottle $8.99
I saw this on an Oprah gift guide. The middle twists off so you can add ice cubes or lemon.
C9 by Champion Women's Premium Top $22.94
C9 by Champion Women's Fashion Capri Tight $24.99
Twistband Apple Headband $4

lululemon.... stereotypical yogi must have workout wear. I might need this.

While I was "researching" for this post I came across an article on Desk Yoga. I wonder if anyone will notice my rag doll pose at the printer?

via Instagram (follow me msslindsay)

Last summer I took a few classes at yoga haven on the Vineyard. I will definitely be fitting this into my trips next year... maybe a session on the beach the morning of the wedding? After all, I want to be a Zen Bride... not a Bridezilla.

Calling all yogis... tell me about your routine!

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  1. i love love love yoga!!!


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