Monday, April 8, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer

Most of the stores and restaurants on Martha's Vineyard were closed over the weekend during my quick visit. One of my favorite shops, in the pink - A Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store, had their door wide open as they were unpacking and gearing up for the upcoming season. I was admiring the neon pink of the latest line and I felt like it was suddenly summer. As I was browsing the manager told me that she just received the saddening news that Lilly Pulitzer had passed away that morning at 81. :(

Images via Tumblr

A few articles that I enjoyed reading about the "Queen of Pink and Green"...

Matchbook Magazine: Top 10 Lilly Pulitzer Quotes

Lilly's colorful legacy of timeless fashion will live on.

Rest in Peace Lilly Pulitzer


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