Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Placid Rehearsal Dinner

 Matt and Danielle's rehearsal dinner was held at the Lake Placid Olympic Jumping Complex.

A tent was set up at the top of the mountain.

The bride and groom had festive Adirondack glasses.


The ski jumping exhibition was a highlight of the event. I can't believe that ski jumpers don't need snow to practice - we were in awe! The world-class and Olympian jumpers took photos and signed autographs.

Matt's family knows how to throw awesome events... somehow I think this lovely rainbow after a brief downpour was planned.


  1. Great photos honey! I'm having a giveaway I think you'll love for a vintage marquee light. Come by and take a look!

    Have a great night honey!

    Kori xoxo
    Blonde Episodes

  2. You look beautiful! Boy his family does throw great events!

  3. Thats so unique and fun that they had ski jumpers! How cool!! Love the scenery.

  4. That is SUCH a cool location, and how fun that they actually had ski jumpers! You all look so adorable and happy too!

  5. How beautiful is that pic with the rainbow in the background! What a cool location!

    =) Brooke

  6. it looks so pretty without snow as well! :)

  7. wow, what a unique event! and your shoes are fantastic!


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