Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Napa and Co

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One of my favorite restaurants in Stamford is Napa & Co. For Sara's bachelorette I reserved the wine cellar room and arrived early to set up a nautical tablescape in keeping with her wedding theme. We started our meal off with a selection of cheeses that didn't last long.


This nautical banner is from Creative Party Banners. I was beyond happy with how it turned out.

We all ordered one of these two delicious dishes:

Sheep's Milk Ricotta Gnocchi
Braised veal breast, sage veloute, Molitero cheese

English Pea Risotto
Lemon parmesan, cremini mushrooms, poached gulf shrimp

I brought in the candle centerpiece and starfish flameless candles from home. The "MERMAIDS WELCOME HERE" anchor was recently purchased from Home Goods. The other nautical accents were found at the Christmas Tree Shop. My amazingly crafty mother made the table runner for me and died the rope pink to match the color scheme. 

After dinner we quickly packed up and headed out to the nearby bars for some bachelorette scavenger hunt fun. It was a great night!


  1. This is fab! You're a great hostess!

  2. Love all your nautical touches! Especially the coral!

  3. That is easily one of the cutest dinner party tables I've ever, EVER seen! You are so talented (and your mama too!) :)


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