Friday, October 11, 2013

Honeymoon Part 5 - More Bora Bora

This was one of my favorite outfit days. I bought this lacey bathing suit at Target over the winter, when they first put out swimwear for Spring Break. I know it's an awful time of the year for trying on bathing suits... but you have to suck it up in, envision yourself with a tan and blame anything else on the fluorescent lighting.

The striped cutout maxi dress is from Red Dress Boutique and called "I Don't Do The Dishes". If you like Francesca's, then you will love their selection. I appreciated Ted's cooperation coordinating colors.

One of my favorite Tumblr sites is #MYFRIENDSAREMARRIED. The above came to mind as I was narrowing my honeymoon photos down from 800 to 250 down for a Facebook album. Obviously I'm married, but still relate and always get a good laugh from MFAM. It also serves as a reminder to myself not to be lame and/or obnoxious. Even with all that said, Honeymoon Part 6, 7 and maybe 8 are on the way... haha.


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