Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I love plaid.

Back to blogging = back to shopping.
I'm obsessed with plaid... and everything Olivia Palermo wears. Within minutes of discovering that this sweater was online and not crazy expensive the order was placed. Apparently OP is a fan of Goodnight Macaroon... so now I am. I wish I had ordered this cable knit sweater too. Oh and this one (as seen on Miranda Kerr, my other style icon). OK maybe I wish I never found this site, ha!

This has been one of my favorite scarves this winter... found in the men's section at Gap. It's the same material as the women's Cozy Scarf. They are so soft and a nice big size. I usually leave mine on a shawl at work.

via Pinterest

Plaid AND puppies...  ahhhh!



  1. NEED that sweater!!! Thanks for sharing!



  2. I'm just not really sure I can pull off plaid...but maybe this will be the sweater to get me in a different mindset!!

  3. That sweater looks so shapeless on the hanger but is so flattering on! I love the scarf, too! I might have to see if I can find out - I'm a sucker for anything plaid (especially if it is wool, too!).

    jess | Quaintrelle

  4. I love the layered look, but always feel like it doesn't quite work for me. I love that the sweater you ordered makes the layered look effortless!

  5. Lovely winter collection. Scarf and the sweater. I love jackets for winter. Bella jackets are so special and stylish.


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