Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Ted, Alexa and I had brunch with my family to celebrate Mother's Day. We went to the same restaurant where my baby shower was held, Harlan Social, because it never disappoints. Alexa was an angel and slept the entire time. (Ted and I joke that she always puts on a good show... backstage with us is another story!)

Smoked salmon and wine... how I missed you both for months!

Dress: Target. Bow: Etsy. Blanket: Little Giraffe

I love dressing up my real life baby doll. Alexa's sweet gingham outfit is from Target (and only $7.99). She is still wearing the newborn size... I know I will blink and this won't fit her anymore. (This is the blue boy version.)

Back home snoozing on the couch, our favorite spot.

To my mommy and Alexa, I love you both more than you will ever know! xo



  1. What a sweet Mother's Day! Love that last photo!

  2. Happy 1st Mother's Day!! Love your sweet pictures and looks like you had a great day!


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