Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Need for ZzzZzzzs...

Every day someone asks me if I'm getting any sleep with a baby. Yes... just no more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. Trust me, I'll take what I can get! It will be a different story if I can still function without my afternoon catnaps when I got back to work.

These "supersoft" pjs are my favorite for spring and summer and live up to the name. I would be lying if I said I was wearing a lacey bralette underneath now... replace that with a sexy nursing bra. (One of my friends always make fun of my sleep "tux" when we travel together, a quote from this scene from The Heat. Haha!)

So, what else do I need to make the most of my sleep?

- I never go to bed at night (even if it's just a few hours) without washing my face and slathering on my Beautycounter moisturizer and face oil. Always put on moisturizer before oil otherwise it won't penetrate through to your skin, a tip I learned from this Allure article.
- I am addicted to Lexi's white noise machine and will have to buy another when she moves into her own room.
- I toss, turn and drool in my sleep. When I wake up the front of my hair usually looks like a mullet. I have unsuccessfully tried different ways to get my hair to stay in place while I sleep so I don't have to restyle it in the morning. However, lately the Skinny Confidential's Sleep Bun Tutorial has been working sometimes. All you need is an alligator clip.

Target has a similar version of the pjs for half the price. I have the long sleeve and pant version. They don't wash as well as the Victoria's Secret version but a good alternative. Also, coming this fall...

Beautycounter for Target! It's a limited edition collection.... I plan to scoop up some of these exclusive sizes for my travel bag. Learn more about the collaboration here.

Am I missing out on a sleep essential? (Besides drugs?)



  1. Beauty counter at Target ! Amazing, I'm going to have to run there and look and of course purchase !!!

  2. Besides drugs (because Unisom is my favorite), I totally agree about the wash of the Target pajamas and the amazingness that is the DOHM sound machine!

  3. I'm right there with you needing noise when I sleep--I have a vintage fan that I run all year because I need the noise (and I get SO HOT when I sleep!)

  4. good check list for good sleep


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