Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Portraits by JoopaShoots
Bow: Esty. Dress: Gap (festive version).

This post is geared toward the girl moms. I get asked two questions about bows all the time...

1. Where do you buy them?
I have ordered from hairbowsworld on Etsy and Cute bows 4 girls (formerly on Etsy) - the prices are great! There are several sizes - Lexi most often wears the 3-inch and 4-inch size (pictured above). I've done a couple large orders and have included them in shower gifts. I also love the brand Wee Ones and buy these at boutiques in Connecticut and on the Cape.

2. How do you get them to stay on?!
First off, if there isn't any hair to clip them onto (or it's a larger bow) you can secure to an elastic headband (sold alone or with the bows). Up until about 9 months she would wear a headband then she was over it.

We go in phases... but it can be struggle. I will wear one around the house and then she will want to have her bow back on! When she's frustrated or I tell her "no" to anything (which let's be honest is pretty often now) she rips them out!

Modeling the 5-inch from Cute bows 4 girls with a headband last Christmas.

She typically wears her hair in a ponytail to daycare and a bow on the weekends except for PICTURE DAY! I had to buy them all.

Any other bow lovers out there?! 

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