Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday

My Dress: J. Crew. Lexi's Dress: Gap. Sneakers: Target. Bow: Esty.

Sharing a few pictures from last month on the Vineyard...that were near impossible to get. As I mentioned on Instagram, the only thing that kept Lexi from running off the porch was holding Mommy's bag. I felt a little sorry for anyone that was trying to enjoy a peaceful sunset. 

She was not in the mood for a photoshoot, but had no choice. Her dress was too cute! You can find it on sale now - I will be layering a fur vest over it for winter. I wore this striped dress out several times... there are only a few sizes left online but if you can find it in stores on the sale rack snag it! It's classic and know I will break it out again in the early spring.

In other life news... besides keeping up with Lexi I have been incredibly busy with my job and projects on our new house. We are getting the floors refinished over Thanksgiving, which is exciting but also stressful since we have pack everything up. We held off on buying most of our new furniture until this is complete. I can't make up my mind on anything, so the process of getting this house set up will be a long one. 

More to come... miss my little blog corner! In the meantime, I hope you're following me on Instagram - @lindsayblackinton. xx

Bag: Gucci.

(Ted didn't believe me when I told him he got a bad forehead tan from fishing... here's the proof, haha!)

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  1. Cutest family photo ! Love following you on Insta !!


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