Thursday, October 4, 2018

What (I Wished) Was in my Hospital Bag

What was in your hospital bag? This is a question I talk about a lot with moms-to-be. My list is pretty basic... I didn't want to haul too much with me.

Hospital bag (based on 2 night stay)
For Me:
2 Robes - I opted to just wear a robe but you might prefer pajamas. Accessible top is necessary if you'll be nursing. I had a nice one from LAKE to wear for pictures and another from Target to wear initially. 
2 Nursing Bras - You will shockingly still look pregnant so might not want to try to squeeze into a tight nursing tank at this time... just saying. I like these for lounging and sleep.
Toiletries/makeup - LIP BALM! I left mine in the car on the way to the hospital for Lexi and Ted couldn't find it. 
Going home outfit - Something looser than you think you need! I have screwed this up both times. I ended up wearing Ted's t-shirt home. 
Slippers or no slip socks - I just wore hospital socks because I threw out my slippers and didn’t order a new pair in time. 
6’ iPhone charger - You will be texting, taking photos and Googling everything newborn related. Again, I intended to buy a longer charger cord and didn't get around to it.

For Ted:

For Chase:
Baby swaddles/blankets/hat for photos
Going home outfit (with legs for the car seat, not a gown) - Both Lexi and Chase wore soft Kissy Kissy pima cotton sets. Linked to a few below! I brought an extra in case there was a last minute accident.
Car seat - You won't be discharged without one!

The hospital will likely send you home with most of what you will need for care down below for a vaginal delivery (peri bottle, thick pads, mesh underwear, witch hazel pads, sitz bath). Not a bad idea to have Tylenol, Motrin, stool softener and thinner pads at home otherwise you will need to do a drug store run. No idea what's needed for a c-section, so research if that is planned!

Chase in his Kissy Kissy going home outfit.

What were your essentials that I forgot?


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