Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amy's Lingerie Shower

Surpriseeeeeeeeeee! The festivities for my friend Amy's upcoming wedding continue. After the bridal shower a small group got together for a lingerie soiree along with dessert and drinks.

I gave Amy this Victoria's Secret Very Sexy gingham babydoll. It reminded me of the cute invite designed by Collette, standing to the right of the bride below. She also did the signs for the bridal shower, talented lady!

Amy's sister, standing to her left, was unable to make the bachelorette party in Atlantic City so this was a great extension of our girls weekend. (Where are the pictures you ask? What happens in AC stays in AC!)

Amy posed with each gift, I especially loved this one. She's all set for the honeymoon! Her sister and bridesmaids did such a great job with both showers, don't you think? Bring on the wedding bells!


  1. so nice!!! wishing the best!!! :D:D:D
    love your blog girl! u have a new follower!!!


  2. Congratulations! Always have a Vickie's gift for him throughout. Your family and friends did a great job! All the best and enjoy.

  3. Looks like fun!! The gingham is so cute!


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