Thursday, May 19, 2011

Packing for NOLA

I hateeeeeee packing. It's always a challenge for me, but especially when flying. I'm paranoid that my bags will be lost if I check them so I try to carry on when possible.

I started pre-packing a few days ago to avoid stressing out at the last minute. I finally narrowed down my choices and was able to squeeze everything into one bag. No overpacking here. Do you have a packing routine?

I will be in New Orleans until Sunday for my friend Lindsay's wedding. Suggestions on what to do, eat and drink are welcome! I may be tweeting (still trying to get into it) - you can find me @msslindsay.


  1. hahaha love it! I always get what I like to call "packing anxiety" I pre-pack too! Have fun!

  2. I am a hot mess when packing. I always, ALWAYS overpack...and my room always looks like a tornado has come through. Sigh.

    Love New Orleans. So much to see and do!! Not sure how much time you have or where you are staying, but I loved the French can take a streetcar through and just enjoy all the beautiful houses. Take a walk down Canal Street and enjoy the sites:) And Cafe du Monde is a must for some beignets...touristy, but amazing

  3. I am a habitual "over packer". I am always worried that I will not have the right outfits or options. This frustrates my husband who travels weekly for his job. I do however, always put products in baggies to avoid spills and/or in case my whole suitcase is searched at check in (which has happened before).

    Have a great trip! I hear New Orleans is a great place to visit!


  4. I have a packing routine that took me YEARS to fine tune. Now I can pack in 10 minutes and know that I'm happy with everything. My biggest tip is to stick with 1 shade of clothing for the entire time you're gone - either go with black tones or brown. Never both. By committing to 1 tone, you'll be able to bring fewer shoes, fewer purses and can mix and match jewelry easily. Have so much fun in New Orleans and please have a beignet for me. Can't wait to see pictures of your weekend!!

  5. I'm impressed you planned that all out! I always end up packing the night before I leave and usually don't pack enough. I figure it is a good excuse to go shopping :) I've only driven through NO, but have heard great things about the city. Can't wait to see your pics! -e

  6. Have fun in Nola!
    I do so adore that city.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. I have to make a list and lay everything out by outfit down to undergarments or I will literally forget to bring underwear! have soo much fun : )

  8. I hate packing too! So tedious and stressful! You look like you have it dialed in! Have a wonderful time in New Orleans and at the wedding!

  9. I lay them out like you, but not as organized as that!

  10. I have to go to a wedding this weekend in Athens, Ga and I am doing the same thing!


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