Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recipes

This asparagus soup is a first course favorite that my mom has made for Easter the past couple of years. Next time she said it would be best to make ahead of time and heat up since it's time consuming.

I can't say I helped but taste test... verdict was delicious!

Moving right along to dessert. I was actually involved with the making of these carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. (A big step up from Funfetti. There was a box of Duncan Hines carrot cake mix and frosting ready just in case something went wrong.)

I used a recipe from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes, which can be found online here. The recipe yields 24 but I ended up with 33.

This bunny cupcake stand is from Pottery Barn and sold out quickly. Due to popularity I have a feeling they will bring this one back next year.

I skipped on the recommended toasted coconut topping and added a trio of Lifesaver pastel jellybeans. Yum!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! xo


  1. Carrot cake is one of my favorites! Those cupcakes look delicious and I really hope PB brings back the cake stand next year-- I love it!

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable. I have never had carrot cake before, but I think maybe I will have to give it a try next Easter. xo

  3. YUM. This looks delicious :) I love me some carrot cake! Hope you link this up to my Tasty Tuesday linkup! ox

  4. Yummm asparagus soup and carrot cupcakes? Yes please! Looks like a great Easter!

  5. Everything looks delicious! Loving the bunny cake stand! Adorable! xo

  6. looks so good and that cupcake bunny stand is perfection!

  7. Thanks SO MUCH! Used that recipe and it was such a HIT! :) You're awesome.


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