Sunday, March 10, 2013


Juliska Jardins du Monde Ceramic Collection

While I was gone I was busy researching and registering. The first place I registered was Juliska for my dinnerware. Juliska is sold at Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, however I opted to register with them directly since I live near their flagship store and their completion program includes a 15% discount (most are 10%). Brides to be, I recommend you check this out! Tell them I sent you :)

Villandry Flatware

Berry and Thread Casserole Dish

I was torn between the Jardins Du Monde and Berry and Thread patterns. I decided on Jardins for plates and bowls with matching Villandry flatware and some larger pieces that were only available in Berry and Thread. I wanted something versatile for everyday and more formal settings. If I ever want to use fine china, my mom has got me covered.

Juliska has warehouses twice a year in Stamford. I know someday when I have a house to store everything that I will go crazy. I absolutely love their Classic Bamboo collection and took this picture at their sale back in the fall. I was completely overwhelmed with things I didn't need but wanted. I'll take... everything.

Attention blue and white fans... there is a new pattern coming out just for you. Juliska hasn't released the images online yet, but here's a peak from their Spring/Summer 2013 catalog. Lovely!

Any Juliska fans out there?


  1. I can not wait for their blue and white palette to come out! And I am oh so jealous that you live close enough to go to the Juiska warehouse sale!!!

  2. I'd not heard of Juliska before but I'm definitely going to check into now. ....Finally coming out of lurking as I really enjoy your blog :-)

  3. I Love Juliska! I would love to register for a few of their pieces one day!

  4. Now I know the pattern you were talking about, it beautiful! LOVE Juliska- I think I'm going to do Berry & Thread like Lindsay, so simple for everyday!

  5. I've not shopped for dinnerwear in a long time. I've never heard of Juliska, but I am loving the Bamboo! What a find for me today. I'll be obsessed until I have it!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Lulu and Daisy

  6. wow, I love those bamboo plates. They were be the perfect "summer" plates to have at the beach!

  7. Has anyone actually been to the Pop Up sale? Wondering how good the selection and prices are... is it worth a 2 hour drive?

  8. The pop-up warehouse sale is definitely worth the drive! I was there today and could not believe the assortment and prices....they also have a deal of the day - today was buy one, get one free on all chargers so i stocked up! they are open tomorrow but closed easter sunday!


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