Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving

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It's no secret I love blue and white. Every once in awhile I will search on Craigslist for random things like ginger jars... yesterday was my lucky day! I called the seller immediately and was able to set up a time to pick them up. You can never be too careful... Ted was unable to accompany me so I did a mini background check before going and sent the address and phone numbers to my family in case I disappeared on my blue and white quest. Anyway, the seller was happy they found a good home after all the "freaks" she had been dealing with on Craigslist during her moving sale. Ha!

My friend Danielle hosted an awesome girls weekend. We thought it would be fun to have a limo drive us around the city for this lovely "occasion"... why not? We went to dinner at Salinas followed by bar hopping. We quoted the SNL Moet and Chandon sketch all night. Thanks, champagne!

I love my monogram necklace from Max and Chloe (and drinking champs with my MOH). I ordered mine with an 18" chain, inspired by my favorite fashion blogger Atlantic-Pacific. I will need a new one soon!

Sale alert...
Max and Chloe - Friends and Family 20% off w/ code FF03MC20 through 3/27

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Make time for your yoga! Loving my Wednesday night class. It allows me to de-stress and rejuvenate in the middle of the busy work week.



  1. You hit the jakcpottt with that find! I love doing random searches like that on ebay or craiglists. I get way too excited when something good pops up!!

  2. What a FIND with those ginger jars! Frequent trolling of CL often provides gems like this. Nicely done, friend!

  3. why I am i just seeing this moet SNL skit?!?! So funny

  4. Awesome find with the ginger jars! There are some serious craigslist weirdos, so I totally would've done a check too. Love the yoga saying, couldn't agree more!


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