Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Team Yolanda

via Yolanda.com
I have been busy working, wedding planning and watching episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over and over (and over again). My favorite cast member... Yolanda Foster.

She's a straight shooter. I wouldn't mess with her...

via Twitter

My favorite scenes are those shot at her gorgeous home. This video shows her putting together the above centerpiece for a dinner party. I love her obsession with lemons.

"I think I was born organized. I think it's something in my brain. I have a huge need to stay organized. When I am organized and there is no stuff on the floor and no clutter it gives me energy to create new things."

Like most of the housewives, she has great style. I could post pictures of her shoe closet... but instead I'm sharing her refrigerator. Unreal!

Who is your favorite Beverly Hills Real Housewife?



  1. I haven't gotten into this season of The Real Housewife but I'm sure I would love her also- I'm also obsessed with organization and lemons!

  2. My Mom and I are obsessed with her! the fridge is amazing!


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